Back to school … for my sons’ international school, it was on Monday. The others kids still have a few weeks of delay.

School has begun… for my sons’ at the international school, it started on Monday. The other kids still have a few more weeks.

We are remembering our holidays in France with nostalgia (the theme of holidays in France will be the subject of the 4th volume of the collection. coming soon), but we are also super happy to be back home, to put the school bags on and to meet the friends at school.

On the parents’ side, it’s also the time to plan the coming year: when will the second volume of “budding globe-trotters ! ” be released ? Suspense…

In any case, we start this year with a new, beautiful little one: “budding globe-trotters!”, the English version of our collection. The foreword of the first volume “We’re moving abroad!” is written by Carole Hallett Mobbs, a British mentor and expatriation consultant. Like Emilie from the website, Carole liked the concept of the collection and wanted to support our work.

So from now you have the choice between the French and the English version, you can’t miss to get one or two copies (here)