The beginnings’ ups and down

School has begun for the children with more or less tears, and now it is the parents’ turn to make a new start, 

Where is the best bakery? Where do you buy good fish? Where to have a good coffee, I have not yet received my coffee maker …

It is often the responsibility of the mother to manage the family’s daily routine. It is more or less difficult depending on the country of expatriation, but it is alwaysan essential step for the well-being of the wholetribe (good news!!!! we found the milk for the elders and the special no allergy milk for the little one …)

The bomb

Mums have a big pressure. Because they have to do this between 9am and 3pm, while preparing meals and supporting their children and husbands in this new life….

And then one evening, the one who makes you the most tired , at the moment when you wish your child  good night, your 6 years old asks you very gently: 

“Mom, why did we come here? I want to go home.”

And you really didn’t need that… Internally you feel the same way. You were looking forward to spend the evening with your husband to tell him all the difficulties encountered during the day. Because moving abroad is difficult!

The solution

at that very moment, you can be proud of yourself to have bought “Budding Globe-trotters!”  (and you are also eagerly waiting for the second book about foreign languages to be released, because this is also a big topic .).

You sit down with your 6 years old child, and while telling Gaspard’s story, you explain to your child why you are here, how great this adventure is going to be, even if the beginnings are difficult for everyone. You also tell him that you are all together and that this is the most important thing…

Your 6-years-old falls asleep reassured. You have just avoided a crisis, you have spent a very sweet moment in the midst of the daily storm. And the words addressed to your child begin to have an effect on you…