Books as Christmas gifts? greener than plastic games…

Well, no, not only…

Ok, you’re right: it’s mainly for people who are moving to a foreign country. But also for people who are arriving in a foreign country. It would be far too simple if you only had to fly and find all your belongings waiting for you in your new home. And that maybe difficult to understand for children : why are the boxes with all the toys not yet in the new bedroom (in real world, we know that it may take several months… trust me, I have experienced that case).

Volume 1 of “Budding Globetrotters!” is also for children who keep on with expatriation to a new country (from Shanghai to Taipei? from New York to Berlin? there are quite a few possible combinations, so I’m not going to write them all… ).

So 1/ for those who leave, 2/ for those who arrive in expatriation.

And who else?

For families who go back to their home country after an expatriation. The issues of international moving are the same.

For friends or cousins who don’t understand exactly what those who are leaving abroad are going through. So it’s also a way to share some insights of this expat life with those who stayed.

For children who only want to read or listen to stories. Children who don’t leave, who may never leave. For instance: when you read Harry Potter, does it mean that you are preparing to live in a wizards school? probably not… So just for kids who love books.

Eventually, whatever the stage of expatriation, “We’re moving abroad!” can be a very nice gift to offer at farewell, sayonara parties,… And since Christmas holidays are often a time for departures or arrivals of expat families, why not putting the book under the Christmas tree?