Do you want to hear a nice story?

When I have heard about the brand C’era una volta I immediately liked its design and poetry. We wanted to collaborate by telling at the same time their story and Budding globetrotters! one. The best way was to present magnifique pictures that are reflecting the spirit of the two brands.

C’era una volta… is an Italian label created for kids from 2 to 14 year-olds born in Shanghai in 2015. Delicate, pure and refined, it is a timeless brand dedicated to dress children beautifully, just as they are. C’era una volta simply means “Once upon a time” in Italian and it’s a simple phrase we often hear during childhood, when parents read stories to their children. Each C’era una volta piece will be treasured as a keepsake for your children and the generation to follow.

A few years later, at the same place, under the Former French Concession plane trees, Budding globetrotters! was created. This is a series of books for 3-8 years old curious and nomadic children. It has been created to be positive, supportive and full of joy.

These two were made for each other, to tame and eventually dream together. Destiny is magic, just as a fairy, it gathered them. From this very moment, friendship between C’era una volta and Budding globetrotters! was born … sharing the pleasure of creating for the same delicate children, pure, innocent, modern, curious, active, all this at once. The two mums who created C’era una volta and the two mums who created Budding globetrotters! know that very well…

Instagram : @ceraunavoltabambini