Why releasing a collection of books for expatriate kids?

“Budding Globetrotters !” is a series of books targeting the three-to-eight-year-old children of expatriate or future expatriate parents

Moving to different neighborhood, a different city, different region or country, all these levels of mobility raise questions and issues related to changing school, living far from friends and from everything kids are familiar with. But some of those issues are also quite common, no matter the level, thus affecting number of people larger than the expats community.

A toolbox

It may be difficult to get prepared for expatriation/relocation as an adult. Therefore, it may also be tricky to find the right words to help the children to cope with their emotions – especially while parents have so much to deal with in their new lives- 

Parents can use “Budding Globetrotters! “ as a toolbox to answer or anticipate their children’s concerns.

Each book of around fifteen pages deal with one topic related to family mobility. The series of books give to the kid readers the tools that they need to face and overcome their challenges. In addition, the alternation of text and illustrations makes it easier for children to understand, especially for those who are not capable of reading on their own yet. 

A base to grow

There are still few books for young children living an expatriation experience. “Budding Globetrotters ! is specific as the other books on expatriation deal with several themes in one dedicated book. Here, each volume is specific to one thematic. Moreover, it raises the issue of moral values. The red thread across the books is the importance of respect for the others and for oneself.

Some expat kids live in very comfortable conditions (schools with crazy infrastructures, staff at home, complete availability of one of the two parents, etc.). Which is great. But sometimes they may be deconnected from the real world. Without teaching moral lessons, these books propose to give the children the tools to face the reality of the world.