Public readings and fairs

On this page you will find the dates of public readings and book fairs where you can meet the author and Illustrator of the collection “budding globe-trotters!”:

In China:

Coming soon:

  • Thursday, September 19 morning: at the Shanghai Grand Accueil, we will be at the stand of our partner Couleurs de Chine
  • Friday, September 20 morning: at Evergreen Preschool in Shanghai
  • Saturday, October 12, afternoon: at L’arbre du Voyageur, the French bookstore in Shanghai

Past meetings:

  • Monday, June 17 and Tuesday, June 18: readings at sunrise Montessori School in the French Concession.
  • Saturday, June 15: readings and discussions at Studio 5, Shanghai
  • Friday, June 14th morning: meeting with the parents of the Phoenix school in Shanghai
  • Thursday, June 13, morning: reading and discussions with the children of the Phoenix school in Shanghai
  • Thursday, June 6: sale organized by the Association colors of China. 15% of the sales will be donated to the Association that day.
  • Saturday, May 11, 2019 in Magnolia kindergarten-readings and discussions in French, English and Chinese

In France: 

  • Saturday, November 30: at the FNAC du Puy en Velay


  • Saturday, June 22 at Leamington Spa in England: reading in French organized by the Petite Ecole de Marianne

Come many, we are curious to meet our readers, young and old, and discuss with you! You could leave with a dedication or a sketch…