He’s the hero. He’s five years old, he likes football, reading and playing with his LEGO®. Even if he considers himself as a big boy, he still sucks his thumb and loves his Binky. He often fights with his older sister.


She is thirteen years old and she loves spending time with her girlfriends. She loves doing judo (not really a black belt, but almost…) and enjoys practicing holds on her younger brother


She is one and a half years old and very smart. She repeats the important words of the story in her own way. She laughs a lot.


She used to work in design before leaving for expatriation. She will not work at first and will take care of her children. Once settled in, she will resume a part-time job. She’s between thirty-seven and forty two years old

NB: We weren’t sure whether to make her job the reason for the expatriation because gender equality issue is important to us. But it must be noted that it is still not very common to find expat dads at home, even if you can meet them more and more after school!


He works full time for a large company and often goes on business trips.  Expatriation was on his initiative. He’s between thirty-seven and forty two years old.