Alex, dessine-moi (Alexandra Gagne)

The legend says… that at 3 years old I drew the most beautiful pig of the class (which made my whole family very proud of me). I suppose that this was the trigger: indeed, I never laid down the pencil again. It’s the leading motivation of my life.

I grew up drawing, spent my teenage years discovering watercolor, pastel, oil… As an adult I created a humorous blog (where I was describing the Canadian lifestyle) before falling in love with children’s illustrations mostly because I like the idea of passing down something to the youngest. I am also a freelance web designer but I devote most of my time to illustrations.


Anne Portier-Maynard

Leaving abroad with my parents as a child inspired my taste for travels (USSR, Belgium and even France!). Today, I am the one living abroad with my husband and kids and keeping discovering the world through successive expatriations (Japan, United Kingdom, China).

Working mum of two little boys, I am passionate about reading and writing since my childhood, I am curious and I like to explore various fields. I am the scientist of the duo: I cannot stop observing and analyzing (due to professional deformation after PhD graduation!).