Alex, dessine-moi (Alexandra Gagne)

The legend says… that at 3 years old I drew the most beautiful pig of the class (which made the pride of my whole
family). I like to imagine that this was the trigger: indeed, I never laid down the pencil again. It’s the red thread of my life.

I grew up drawing, spent my teens discovering watercolor, pastel, oil… I came into adulthood by giving birth to a humorous blog (where I was telling how Canadian life was) to finally fall into youth illustration with the idea of “transmitting something” to the youngest. I am also a freelance webdesigner but I devote most of my time to illustrations.


Anne Portier-Maynard

I developed my taste for travels I when was a child as I lived in expatriation with my parents (USSR, Belgium and even France!). Today, I am pursuing this discovery of the world with successive expatriations (Japan, United Kingdom, China) with my husband and kids.

Working mum of two little boys, passionate about reading and writing since my childhood, I am curious and I like to explore different fields. I am the scientist of the duo: I observe and I analyse constantly (thank you PhD for this professional deformation!).