Because “Budding Globetrotters!” is a collection that tells about your adventures abroad, we’d like to have your feedback on the collection and/or on specific volumes.

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Some of your testimonials:

« It is the third time that we read your book since yesterday morning. L. loves it! At the end she told me “well they don’t go to Shanghai, do they?”. And when I asked her if she liked this book because it’s similar to her story, she said “it’s very much my story!” For my part, I think it’s great too. Indeed, it is very similar to our story. So, congratulations on that first volume. Let me know when the next ones will be published, , we can’t wait to meet Gaspard in Shanghai”, Agnes in Shanghai

“Very nice books that speak well to our children!”, Marie in Shanghai

“I found this book very accurate, especially after 3 moves to remote countries. Obviously everyone’s experience of expatriation is very personal and different but there is a lot of similarities as well; for instance, each member of the family imagines different reality of the foreign country: Parents and kids wonder how they will adapt themselves, settle down or communicate. This may look scary, but with time and an open-mind, it generally goes well. And there’s always a lot of people to help. We look forward to the rest of this adventure.”, Philip in Taiwan

The girls have been talking about the book all the summer. It was a real support for them to understand the changes after moving abroad: the characters, Victoria, Gaspard… the essentials to take with us, the temporary apartment … , they were even disappointed that we didn’t try temporary apartment!” Elodie in Paris

My impressions on this first volume: very positive of course. I look forward to the rest of the adventures, to read just how each member of Gaspard’s family will adapt to life in China!! When will the second volume come out?”, Alice in Shanghai

Thank you for this beautiful story.”, Fabienne in Shanghai